Headstand (Salamba Sirsasana)

I have a confession. I fell off for a little bit. Life happened. All of a sudForearm Standen I looked up and a month had floForearm Stand.wn by. A whole month with not one postForearm S!? I failed. I was still doing yoga and hiking and all of that, but I failed at a goal I set for myself. At first I was disappointed, but then my inner queen said, “Sis, you’re human! Get back up and get to it!”. It wasn’t until yesterday, on an impromptu hike after work with one of my best friends, that inspiration smacked me in my face. So, your girl is back!! I needed to open my heart and clear my mind. What better way than Headstand (Salamba Sirsasana)?!

To start, begin on all fours and interlace your fingers together. Make a triangle shape with your forearms on the mat and your hands as the top point. Bring the crown of your head in between your hands. Aim to keep your arms shoulder-width distance apart. Maneuver your lower body into Dolphin Pose just like we did for Forearm Stand.

Begin walking inward and practice lifting one leg and then the other. When you feel ready, engage your core and lift both feet up. Stack your hips directly over your shoulders.

Lift your knees so they are parallel to the ground. Every time you lift, engage your core even more. This will help from collapsing into your shoulders and neck. There should be very little weight in either space, so lift up as much as possible.

When you feel comfortable here, extend your feet towards the sky. Remember to activate that core.

Bam! Heart and Crown chakras stimulated!

The way to get out is the same way you came in. Slow and in control.

Forearm plank and Standing Forward Fold are great poses to warm up, lengthen and strengthen before getting into this pose. Use the wall if you need to. It is fantastic for support until you feel stronger in your core, or you don’t want to exert as much energy but you’re body wants to get upside down.

So give it a shot. Keep meeting your edge. Stay motivated. And if life happens, that’s ok. Just make sure you’re living the way you want. Take the time to check in with yourself.

Comment below with tips, feedback, ideas or anything.

Namaste 🧘🏾❤🙏🏾

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