Wheel Pose (Urdva Dhanurasana)

I’ve always loved this pose. I remember as a kid doing it with such ease especially when I was doing gymnastics. I tried again as an adult a couple years back and man did I struggle! I’ve always been stronger in my lower body than I was in my upper body. As time went on in my yoga journey, I continued to get stronger and my love for this pose reignited. Practice makes progress friends. So, let’s practice Wheel Pose (Urdva Dhanurasana) together!

We’ll start by lying on our backs. Bend your knees and bring your feet towards your butt. Make sure both your knees and your feet are hip width distance apart.

*Tip – place a block in between your thighs and squeeze to activate your muscles in your lower body and keep the appropriate distance between knees and feet.*

Bring your hands down by your ears with your finger tips pointing towards your shoulders.

Take a deep inhale to lengthen through your spine. Exhale, lift your hips and chest up toward the sky or ceiling. Press into your hands to lift up onto the crown of your head.

This step can be omitted, but it definitely helps when maybe your mind is uneasy about doing it, but you hear your body telling you to go for it. It also helps to get to that final push off to come into full Wheel.

So when you’re ready, inhale to get your mind right, and exhale press into your hands and straighten your arms. Lift your head off of your mat. You’re there! We’re in Wheel!

Try to lift and press your chest forward in the direction of your gaze.

Option to come onto your toes if that’s where you are in your journey. If not, that’s ok. It’s something to work towards and look forward to!

To safely come out of this pose, tuck your chin into your chest and start to roll down your spine one vertebrae at a time.

Benefits of Wheel

  • Strengthens liver and kidneys
  • Heart opener
  • Strengthens arms, hands, wrists, ankles, legs, butt, abs, and spine.
  • Stretches chest
  • Increases energy, relieves stress and counteracts depression.

This pose is a fun one! I hope it is something you can incorporate into your practice. If you feel a bit discouraged, try out Bridge Pose for a bit until you feel comfortable in your body to give wheel try!


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