5 Stress Relieving Yoga Poses

Yoga doesn’t always have to be these fancy poses that look cool (and are really fun) but can be difficult to get into especially as a beginner. We’ve been practicing some of those cool poses with our inversion Forearm Stand and our arm balance Firefly. However, today we will be lower to the ground. These poses may seem simple, but they help quiet the mind, relieve stress and help you to reassess mental, physical and emotional states by checking in to better serve yourself and others. They are acts of self love and care. I challenge you to find ease and focus on how you move into each pose as we go through 5 Stress Relieving Yoga Poses.

1. Child’s Pose (Balasana)

To get into this pose, bring your big toes together to touch. Spread your knees as wide as your mat. Reach your hands out long in front of you. Bring your forehead to your mat and try to reach your hips towards your heels. Breathe here. Child’s pose is a great resting pose. It’s perfect to come into if while you’re flowing you need a moment to regroup. I know for me, I love starting out my practices this way to really get into the head space of being and remaining present throughout my practice.


  • Stretches and opens your hips and thighs. *We carry a lot of emotions in our hips so this helps release some of that*.
  • Restorative/resting pose

2. Supported Fish Pose (Matsyasana)

Place a block a little above your sacrum (the small of your back) and bring your head down to your mat. Your feet can be stretched out yet relaxed. Your chest should feel lifted. Release your shoulders towards your mat and let them hang heavy. Relax the muscles in your face. If your neck is uncomfortable here, place another block underneath your head.

I love this pose because most of my work day I am sitting, and I don’t have the best posture so right away I feel a release.


  • Stretches out the front body.
  • Strengthens upper back
  • Improves spinal flexibility

3. Standing Forward Fold (Uttanasana)

While standing, bring your feet together to touch. Fold forward at your hips and reach your hands towards the ground. You can bring a slight bend into your knees and have your stomach and thighs meet. You can also wrap your arms around your legs for a deeper hamstring stretch. Let your head and neck hang heavy.


  • Stretches hips and hamstings
  • Reverses blood flow in the body

*Tip – when coming up, roll up slowly so you don’t get a head rush.

4. Corpse Pose (Savasana)

I mean this is obviously the best one right? 😂

Come to lying on your back. Close your eyes. Stretch your feet and legs out long in front of you. Stretch your arms out beside you. Palms can be facing up to receive the energy around you, or down for grounding. Relax the muscles in your face. Unclench your jaw. Remove your tongue from the roof of your mouth. Be still.


  • Relaxes the entire body.
  • Relieves stress, depression and tension.

5. Easy Pose (Sukhasana)

Come to a cross legged seated position. Ground down through your hips. Sit up nice and tall. Gaze forward softly or close your eyes. Your hands can be on your knees palms up or down. You can also bring your hands together at heart center. Look inward. Notice how you feel. Try to find ease. This is also a great pose for meditation.


  • Strengethens back
  • Stretches knees
  • Opens hips and outer thighs

I hope these poses can be incorporated into your practice or just in daily life when you need to take a moment to yourself to relieve some stress.


*Benefits to each pose found on yogajournal.com*

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