I walked into Avondale Towne Cinema anxious as hell. I tried to get there early, so I could grab a glass of wine to calm my nerves before everyone comes in and this thing gets started. I mean I’ve never done this before! Go to a private movie screening and participate in a Q&A with the cast and crew after.  It’s exciting and also a little nerve wrecking meeting people you don’t know at all to view their creation and then judge it. But just because it seems weird when said that way, doesn’t mean I won’t do it. So here we go.

Most of us have heard the saying, “Silence speaks louder than words.” That saying is not only evident, but was also beautifully captured in the new film Release. This particular film is about a woman, Rosalinda, in an abusive relationship and is extracted from her life by her estranged sister, Ariana, who has her own set of problems. The film is quite deep and ventures into very vivid emotions and concerning situations where silence seems necessary to engage the audience in a different way than we are accustomed.

I immediately found the film interesting because of that silence that draws you to take a closer look at what the characters are feeling and psychologically how they are thinking. You can infer the situation at hand without being outright told. It was also interesting to see and be able to ask the actresses how they were able to draw out such emotion.

“It was tough. Looking at women who feel like they don’t have a literal voice and a figurative one as well.” – Jackie Renee Robinson (Actress/Rosalinda)

“I tried to personalize it as much as I could and then just really open myself up to Jackie and everyone else working on the project.” – Lauren Karaman (Actress/Ariana)

I loved that because it makes you engage more and start to think rather than just watch mindlessly which is more common these days. Of course there is dialogue, but what struck me most were the nonverbal or even musical instances. We’ve grown accustomed to being talked at and told in movies. This one is different.

“I’m a firm believer that true performance is rooted in body language.” – Edward Varnie (Director)

“If we could do anything with less dialogue or create more mystery or things like that, we were all for it.” – Graham Waldrop (Writer/Producer)

There were also multiple relationship dynamics between Rosalinda and all others that were a part of or became a part of her life and journey.

Rosalinda vs. husband (Jared)

Rosalinda vs. sister (Ariana)

Rosalinda vs. kidnapper (Burnett)

Rosalinda vs. father

“Expectation vs. being in the reality of the moment with someone you really care for.”  – Lauren Karaman

“I like the idea that we all have these relationships where we get so wrapped up and sometimes lose who we are, and it sometimes takes someone or something to physically or figuratively pull us out.” – Edward Varnie

This movie is so relatable. Whether you have been in the situations or know someone who has, or maybe it’s just sheer emotion and what is trying to be conveyed that you identify with. The struggle to remain present in different aspects of life. It could also be unresolved family issues. It is a really good movie that I want to see again with my friends! It’s worth the watch. See the trailer here.


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